Made in Italy Product

Italian shoes were the first to benefit from the "100% Made in Italy" mark.

Today the ITPI's certification extends to many sectors.

Made in Italy products that can be certified now range from fashion accessories and more complex manufactures like shoes and handbags to furniture (chairs, tables, flooring, armchairs, lighting) and food, from lingerie, wedding dresses and cosmetics to toys, religious objects, taps and fittings and many more.

Checking methods for Made in Italy manufactures are developed by ITPI so that the 100% Made-in-Italy mark can efficiently certify authenticity and origin.

Certify your product

In order to obtain the certification or to know more about the methods which guarantee the quality of your products with the 100% Made-in-Italy mark, please contact the Istituto per la Tutela Produttori Italiani - ITPI

Visit certification portal

To verify the certification of a company, or know the control methods of your "100% Made in Italy" product, visit MADEINITALYCERT.IT